American Child

Tears falling shame hide

For the American child unaware

Strangers stealing their meat
American child hopeful by birth

Unaware the opportunities gone
Schools are robbed education given to another

American child where is your mother
We let the wolf enter where gate should be
American child what politician stands for thee

You been abandoned buy those voted to rule
And have just taken from you

American child would it be enough to cry for you?


Heaven staircase

Heavens staircase

Legends often spun

Today’s cosmic song

By Karen Smith

Photo prompt by Suzanne

I heard a program a few days ago about how back in the ancient days the Milky Way was considered a Stairway on which the departed were transferred from the Earth to the great heavens above. So when I got this picture of it and then the thought of seeing things through different eyes I thought you know that’s really so true just a moment in time ideas and Concepts change and sometimes it doesn’t take but a few seconds.

Hold on To The Inner Heart of Hope

A world full one activity after another

Little time to ponder nor wonder observed

Lost in time to those around seen but invisible

Staring at words written still unseen

People seeming known but never friends

A pond fish among the sharks

Hold on to the inner heart of hope

By Karen Smith for photo prompt