Seeds to Dream By

Dandelion seeds a childhood dream

Wishes here wishes there

Always answered never denied

A childhood dream

An acorn seed a mightily tree

A grown up dream

Of bigger things

Most not reached

Some denied

A grown up dream

By Karen Smith

NaPoWriMo photo prompt day 27 by Suzanne



You stand beside me as we share the Wonders of the world dressed in raincoats and holding hands and listening to the Thunder of a waterfall enjoying nature and each other we can swear always to ourselves that we will never forget what we have now and will always be

Held together by even the tiniest things which become Mighty Magic as we share them together once again remembering how we will never forget each moment we have and as the sun begins to set in our lives we sit beside each other watching the sunset remembering and not forgetting what we’ve had together

By Karen Smith

NaPoWriMo photo prompt day 23



I am growing eggplant for the first time in my garden. Got the idea that I wanted to slice it then and use it for a noodle and bake with tomato sauce and cheese.

I have never grown it before and I am told it grows like a pepper plant. They are related to the nightshade family and are grown for their fruit.

I looked it for it’s nutrition value and have shared the above link with you. I have found steam is the best way to cook eggplant keeping more of it’s nutrients this way.

I also found that scientists are trying to find ways to reduce Eggplant’s bittertaste.

I will let you know how I fair growing this and share my recipe as it grows.


She delights herself in the face of a Strom

Showing her grace, might, her charm

She lifts her wings in preparation for flight

A bird that has no comparison

Queen alone yet humble, quite

Preferring to glide through smooth waters

Loving life around her

Seeing what is true

All is as it should be

Take delight in the world you find yourself in

By Karen Smith

NaPoWriMo photo prompt day 21 by Suzanne

Happy Bat Day

Check out @Interior’s Tweet:

I for one who had to share this with you in my blog I have learned to love bats living here by the Bayou. The bats I see here love to eat mosquitoes.
You’ll see them flying around just as it gets dusk and a lot of times I’ve wondered why they’ve never tried to touched my hair since I read somewhere that they do have a tendency to do that but nonetheless it is always reassuring to know they’re out there hunting for mosquitoes just before dark.

Of course of garden freaks can appreciate the fact that bats are also known to help propagate certain types of fruit by spreading pollen. Nice sometimes right about bees and other pollinating creature such as the Bumblebee. And I think I have at times giving people the idea that you do not have to use care with these creatures. So at this point I just wanted to point out you can do a whole lot appreciation with your eyes and curiosity but keep your hands off.

Take a look at the from the USDA it’s about bats and bat Appreciation Day thanks and I hope you are having a good day.