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Zoo days, both fun and educational, are the best ways to bond with your children.  Here were I live we are blessed with an exceptionally active zoo.   From water play days, animals birthdays and yes gift unwrapping, to home school activities, internships for young future zoo keepers and train rides we seem to have it all.

The Alexandria Zoo just celebrated it’s 90th birthday this Saturday and offer free admission to all who came.

This is a Birthday cake made for the Zoo by the Atwood’s Bakery so though do to illness we were unable to go I am positive the day was great fun.  We love going and have purchased a Fotaz pass so that we can go free all year long. ( Friends of the Alexandria Zoo)

The first thing we always do is feed the koi fish and then head for the pink flamingo’s.  We check out the turtles in the varieties of ponds available to see and see the big alligators.   After we eat…they have great food and friendly service also… we head to see the wild cats our favorite being the white tigers but the male Bengal tiger next door is a most see.  Yes so many animals and fish it would be hard to name them all but if you are ever in Alexandria LA  please stop by and see our famous zoo.


The photo for title is from a  Misty B and she can be found at http://www.pinerest.com


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