Tying flies.

The above picture  belongs to Jon Neville and I have shared a link at the beginning of this sentence to his face book page.  I have often thought tying flies would be fun and perhaps a good way to make some spare change from home.

I am just a well beginner fisherman fishing only once in a great well but fishing is an enjoyable past time for me.   With the benefit of fresh air, beautiful surroundings and the sounds of the lapping waters.  Plus a great fish dinner!  Still I am so inexperienced one would wonder if tying flies would be a part time job for me but one can have dreams.    Looking around the web for ideas  I found a site that has several patterns for fly’s and for beginners to tie.  Al Campbell takes you step by step through a few flies and shows you the equipment you will need.

Here is a site that contains mostly photo’s of fly’s and wow some of the fly’s are unique to say the least  take a look.   And Youtube has many video’s demonstrating how to tie flies.  So if nothing else one could make some of their own flies and head out to the lake for a few trout for the supper table.






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