Adding a little weed to the salad

With the raising costs of groceries and the concern for healthy products, one thing we can do from home is consider what is edible in our yards.  After all most of us can be sure of the types of fertilizers and poisons we hoping don’t do to our yard in large doses.  So why not add edible weeds to the table salad.

Now I am glad to say that research on this subject is very easy.  Their are many web pages and books out there that can help us at home to add color, favor and vitamins to the salad we have with a family meal.  One of them was found here on treehuggers.  Good House Keeping as and interesting article and what better weed we can all count on then the Dandelions they show up everywhere in any good yard.  A good source of vitamin C also there is color both red and white adding color and interesting shape to the salad bowl.  One thing I am interested in is the water cress as I have tons of it in my year almost everywhere.  Chick weed  the curse of any green lawn is good to get and supercharged with nutrients.

Here is another interesting site and their are many more so please look and enjoy your salad.


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