Food Servings and Exercise.

This morning I ran across a program early that was selling an exercise and nutrition program were  you lose weight with exercise for 30 minutes 3 times a week and a set of containers that measured the food portions you needed to get the right amount of calories and nutrition per meal thus you lose the weight.

Each container was colored coded for the type of food that you are measuring and I thought you know that is a good idea.  It got me to wondering what is to stop me or you from finding the right size plastic containers to measure food with or a scale if you don’t want to hassle with containers.  I started searching the web for recommended size portions for food servings and once again the web did not let me down.  I am going to include a few links here: USDAanother USDA for age groups (adult)healthy eatingwebmdwikipedia and more.  So once again here is something we can do ourselves from home and avoid the high cost of a prepared product.  I hope they make money but if we can keep it in the home and still achieve the same goal why not.

Now for the containers to use in the measuring I did not run into much on the web but did find a cute and simple on hand measuring system that would work for all age groups.


Now exercise can be a 30 minute walk, jump rope, a good swim or well get your favorite excerise dvd out as by now most us have a collection.   Do forget a good stretch before and after each exercise routine and to start off slowing and work up to 30 minutes. Here is a good link from prevention on exercise for weight loss.  


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