Social Conditioning

With my blog I hope to bring information or ideas or tips that others had not thought of and a way to get the facts.  I have wanted to keep my blog positive as we live now in a very angry world and I feel a certain social responsibility to help each of us to remember what is important in life and how to do things in our own home to improve health, save money, be creative and well grow our own whether it be animals, kids or a garden.

Today though I want to talk about some of the police/civilian shootings that are going on around the country and here in Louisiana.  We are blaming one thing and then the other like it is because their black, or live in the wrong area of town,  or we got to war against the police.  I have heard all of this and more.  Personally I have experience things out and about town that makes me feel it is social conditioning that we are facing.

I won’t address the because their black issue because it is a sore that is festering and well I can not heal but I will say that we as a people are being conditioned to be more angry towards police and what and who we consider to be at fault.   For the police it is a scary time with officers being shot, hit by cars, etc so they have been conditioned by these things to be more on the alert  and maybe hyper-alert.  Who can blame them?  Good, bad or just average officers they are doing a tough job and well a hero’s job.  The heat is on all and we need to understand this and behave in thoughtful ways.  Like do not put yourself in a situation that may not come out in a good way.   Do your best to behave in a peaceful matter and show yourself to be a cooperative citizen of your city.  Just my thought don’t be a victim of social conditioning.






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