The Avalon Village

I have been waiting for three weeks to watch a new new program on HLN called Michaela which I will say has not disappointed me.  It is informative, positive and friendly.  Well worth the time to watch all.

On the program today she introduced a woman who reach out to change her neighborhood and make it into a thing a beauty.  It had been a place were more houses were abandon and let to rot but she could not leave it that way so she stepped out and started raising funds to redo and beautify those homes and lots.  I was impressed.  I mean it shows us what we can do if we work together and we do not have to sit back and live with negative, broken and dark things but through sharing and caring we can build a quality of life together that will only help each to feel better about their own situation.

The lady’s name is Shamayin Harris and I invite you to see her sight and to share her dream.  If we all would jump in our towns would be a thing of beauty.  Thank you Miss Shamayin. Click here to see her site the Avalon


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