Shootings in Baton Rouge

Today is a sad day here in Loisiana while most of us were doing what we normally do on Sunday morning a poor soul was out doing what he felt was a just cause.  This is indeed sad and shows how much hate and nager is out there but what we can do is remain positive, keep our negative to ourselves for prayer and speak the lovely words of peace.  We can encourage one another with positive thoughts of encouragment and love.

There is a way to make change and a way to continue problems and violence and hate talk only make sure of a continued generation of  hate.  We have so much as a country and as a generation of diverse people lets us not become willing victums to just ideas that divide but stand strong on the shoulders of those who have given their lives to build for us a better future and homeland.  American stand tall.  and prayer for the those who have lost their lives this day and yesterday.

Shootings in Baton Rouge let us not forget the fallen and let us lift each other up high.  We will not move on in hate but in love and peace.


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