A small Southern Garden

Hello all, today I have been spending part of the morning searching how to grow a garden in the hot south.  Well I am aware that part of my problem has been the fact that all my gardens I have grown in the past were in the pacific northwest which is a much cooler climate and shorter.  So I am having to learn it is not just waiting until the frost past and put your seed in.

I mean by June my garden is a wash or should I say fried.  Well I manage to check in with the Farmer’s Almanac web page and was able to print up a garden calendar for times to grow certain vegetables and I tell you it is nothing like how I have been planting.  I also set up for some email reminders.  This makes me smile but hey I need the help.  In this age were we are busy beyond busy we need someone giving us a tap on the shoulder and say it is time to plant carrots.

Anyway, if you are like me you may want to check out this site and get some tips you may only grow one type of vegetable or maybe two but it will help the health of your diet and money on the grocery bill.  So wish me luck on my small southern garden.


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