To buy online or not

I have mentioned before in a past blog that I felt shopping online can help us out in our busy schedules and I have had very positive shopping experience.  My favorite is,click here for site, you can get everything from power tools to toys, movies to games.

Amazon has been a great source of emergency aide for me.  I had ordered a green works lawn mower from Wal Mart and failed to see that it did not come with the battery and charger so I had to order those again through Wal Mart and wait again for almost two weeks.  Well the charger got lost in the mail so to Amazon I went to get a back up and it was here two days after I ordered it.  Saved the day and after two weeks of growth I was able to move my lawn.

I noticed this morning that Amazon also carries a good selection of school supplies and some in bulk and to attach to another blog I posted recently you can also get a good selection of Adult coloring books.  So my advice if you are asking yourself to buy online or not I would say it is a good resource to have to help save money and time in your home today.


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