Exploding Head Syndrome

Exploding Head Syndrome, until today I have never heard of this syndrome but I have experienced it for many years and have grown accustom to it thus not really thinking much about it.  Then my sister call me and said hey you need to do a blog article to let others know more about their night time explosions.

Have you ever just fallen to sleep and hear someone knock very hard at your door?  Or a loud explosion, perhaps a door opening or slamming shut, maybe even yet someone shout your name just as you are falling asleep?  Have you gotten up to check it out and found it quiet and everyone else snoring easily dreaming their dreams?  Then you to have experience the syndrome.

It is a rare but it does happen and starts at various ages,  the reasons are not know but can be anything from stress, medications, and fatigue are just a few of the possible causes but researchers have begun to take this more seriously.  Here on this web link I have found some interesting facts and testimonies.  On the ASA or American Sleep Association they describe it and add so additional ideas on what can be happening during these events here is the link.  Wikipedia calls it a auditory hallucinations, check out Wikipedia link.

Remember now this is a strange syndrome but it has caused no harm to anyone so relax and maybe reduce stress, exercise and eat healthy, here I am including a link from The Huffington Post, click here for link, in this article it gives you five things to do to battle Exploding Head Syndrome.  And one more thing if you know others that have experience this you may want to spread the word.


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