Zika in America

It is official there are now some cases of the zika virus coming from mosquitoes here in the United States.  Up until now no one in the States that had not travel out of the country has not had the virus but in Florida four people have the virus that have never set foot out of the US borders.

Blood drives have been halted temporarily until all blood donations have been tested for the zika virus and an all out effort to spray for the insect are in place as I write this.  People are being reminded that the disease carrying mosquitoes can breed in very small amounts of water so keep anything drained of water in your yard.  Also we are being asked to use a insect repellent of 30% deet.

The most danger from this virus is pregnant women as it is a high risk of birth deffects in the unborn child.  So take precautions this season and with the great efforts of Florida the mosquitoes may not make it further but it is a good idea to follow any tips on mosquitoes infections and keep family/pets safer.  Below are some links for symptoms of the virus and information about the mosquitoe.

Tech times American Academy of Pediatrics Centers of Disease Control and Prevention Wikipedia, and this one for further thought www.dddmag.com.

With zika in America let us take precautions pack your children some insect repellent in their school bags and be safe every one.


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