It is all in the pot

I was thinking last night about some of my potted plants I have outside and realized that some of them are quite large and have been growing in the same pot for over two years.  One is a banana plant that I had started from three small plants growing in a abandoned home and yard.  I was careful not to hurt the parent plant cluster, banana’s are one to grow best in a group setting, as I wanted to keep the cluster there growing and came home to use a ten quart planter to place them in.  The first year growth was good but not very fast but by second year wow did they grow.

My second potted plant that I am sharing is a hibiscus that comes back every year if it does not freeze out.  So I keep it close to another plant to offer protection from sun in summer and cold in winter.  It has very pretty red flowers that bloom and then fall in the course of one day but it is still showy as it blooms all spring through summer long.  Most of the time fall produces even more blooms.  This plant has gotten very large and is planted in a five gallon bucket.  I don’t use much fertilizer at least until now.  Have placed some citrus fertilizer about a quarter of a cup on the banana tree this past spring.  I have a product I bought from my feed store from Pennington.  It is made for Citrus and Avocado and is a continuous feeding fertilizer.

Form the photo above you will notice some burning on the leaves this is from the heat this past few weeks but it is holding up well and getting quite lovey.  It is not as tall as the banana trees planted in the ground but it is flowering as much and producing banana tree off shuts.


Here is the photo of the hibiscus growing under it planting partner the wisteria.


This is what the bloom looks like.  So growing plants in a pot can be very successful proving that it is all in the pot.


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