A Zika product review.

My family and I live next to a Bayou in Louisiana and it is not uncommon for small puddles of water to be around somewhere.  Plus it is not unheard of for mosquitoes to  spawn in srubs and clustered plants.

So I am paying more attention about mosquitoes care with the Zika virus around.  So out shopping the other day I bought a repellent to try out.   It has only 25% deet and CDC is recommending 30% deet but true to the level it repels for 10 hours and works well here in Louisiana”s moist heat.

It continues to work well even if you work were you sweat.  Cutter also has a soft but neutral scent. The kids have used it and their skin has not been harmed in anyway plus they came sleep sound all night, as I am sure you know with doors opening off and on during the day it is hard not to have that pesty one mosquito slip in.

I am also trying to encourage dragon flies and swallows into the yard as they love mosquitoes.  We get some evening bats as well and they are most welcome here.  Love those bats.  Remember to shake bushes and keep drainage around them free flowing so that when you water what does not sink in drains away from base of plant.  After a rain go around your yard and look for anything that water may have settled in.




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