Dog Parks

Dog Parks are on the news here in my neighborhood.  There are some people petitioning for a play park for our furry family members.  Good idea.  I would like to take mine when there are no dogs so he can run and run,  which he loves.  He is a border collie and loves have the leg room.

Reading about what makes a good special play place for dogs, I discovered some good suggestions and things for us to think about before taking are furry friends out for a play.

  1. have materials to clean up after your pet ie: trash cans and some good reliable plastic bags.
  2. make sure there is drinking water and shade
  3. enough space to avoid overcrowding
  4. separate gates for exit and entrance
  5. have the gates with a two gate system to prevent pets from getting out of the park and lost
  6. have some natural visual barrier with the park
  7. special enclosed areas for smaller dogs
  8. fun stuff
  9. no 90% angels to help keep pets from cornering someone else’s pet
  10. And watch for bullying actions by pet to keep everyone friendly and happy.For more reading look here.  More tips to be found here.

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