Homeschooling-a parent’s role in education

I went to a Gender reveal party yesterday and meet another individual that teaches their children at home.  In the course of questions asked of me about my home-school it was revealed to me that they did not know you had to get approved yearly to teach your children at home.  I was given the impression that they thought I was a little dingy to think this was necessary.  So I decided to write this post and add some links for Louisiana families homeschooling to look at.

If we are going to do anything in this day and age it is a good idea to check the laws around you.  What a blessing they can be but to not follow them because you do not know them is no excuse or at least that is what the judge will tell you if you are standing before him so here goes.  

BESE-Approved Home Study Program
A BESE-Approved Home Study program provides Louisiana families the opportunity to independently educate their child. In a BESE-Approved Home Study program, parents have complete control and responsibility for educating their child. Parent’s primary responsibilities include: a) selecting and using the curriculum to teach their child; b) determining the child’s grade placement; and c) submitting initial and renewal home study applications to the LDE for approval.

This is taken from the web site  I would recommend reading this web site for future information.  And/or links.  You can check out HSLDA site this is a great site as it has links to several states laws for homeschooling and offer assistance in knowing and protecting your home-school rights.  They have lawyers and if you join them but need one of their lawyers that service is separate from membership for their website.  Here is another home study in Louisiana link to check out.  This is the link I should to send my application online to Baton Rouge were they handle most of the school board affairs.

So please all check out the laws of your state and your responsibilities if you are homeschooling.   After all education of our children is more important to us as parents then to the state as a whole so homeschooling is a parent’s role in education.


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    With the government giving back schooling to the parents I am excited to see what opens up.

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