One Topic Blogs

Blogs are a better way to express yourself, touch others and build character.  I have found some very interesting thoughts and ideas searching blogs but during these searches I have found that most keep to one topic maybe having a recipe page or store page.  So it made me wonder is a blog better if it deals with just one topic?

My blog is centered around tips and ideas for home and I am touching on several topics.  Not only hoping to add something new but to search out and contact with other ideas out there making it simple for my reader to find more details on a subject.  I wonder if instead it should be a one topic blog.

If anyone out there reading this would like to send in their comments and/or opinions on this question of mine it would be appreciated. Now I do prefer considerate opinions but after playing games on facebook I realize there are some that are not so considerate so I am prepared to take any comments.

Is a one topic blog better?


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