Seeds-small shells of life

Since our rain here in Louisiana the last few days, my yard has become the playground for life-cycles.   There were a hundred or more dragonflies in my yard just doing  their thing.  Loops and circles and races all trying to get the mosquito or get ready to lay those eggs.

And when I turned to leave the yard three species of butterflies flew by me.  One my favorite the swallowtail, they love citrus and lay their eggs on them yearly, so this makes my third year to have them return to my grapefruit trees.  Then checking the bird feeder two more bird species smaller then the others I have seen eating the red birds seeds.

I was delighted to see too that my daikon  radish had developed hundreds of now dry seeds.  I am happy about this because the next generation of these daikons will be better to grow here in my climate and soil type.  I picked several hand fulls and still have more so I am delighted.  These white radishes when picked are a little spicy and can be used in stir fries.  I am going to let them dry a little indoor and place them in envelopes to keep for next planting.   I would not be surprise to get a few that come up on their own.  So love these seed-small shells of life.  I need to get some from my tomatoes next time I plant.


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