Daily Prompt: Ghost

via Daily Prompt: Ghost  When I think of ghost I rarely think of a bump in the night as well I sleep like a log and would probably miss it, but I think of my favorite ghost hunting shows,  Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters.  I have seen some pretty interesting stuff that is convincing at least to the idea that there are some very loyal ghost hunters out there.

Living in Louisiana we have are share of ghost stories and documented haunted houses.  Check out this link.   Myrtles Plantation is probably the most popular of Louisiana haunts and has me almost convinced.  See this link for information on the Myrtles.

img0085 ghosty image in slaughter la

The photo above comes from the website of a Louisiana ghost hunting group.  Click here if you would like more information.

I can not say that my life has not been free from any kind of other worldly experiences.  Once a couple of years ago I was walking by myself to the grocery store on a vacant sidewalk when my purse was togged.  That was a scary moment all as there was not wind and I had not stumbled so could not say my purse just jogged.

I have also heard someone call my name twice with no one home but me and no one around so this too is shocking but if I believe in ghosts I would say no.  I think perhaps something else?


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