Drones a tool of the now and later.

When you take someone like me who tends to be fascinated by anything related to technology and then goes on with their everyday life not going beyond just knowing these drones exist, you have to wake to the understanding that what you thought was a neat toy is a valuable and well scary tool.

Yes a tool.  Recently I saw a news broadcast about the Air force needing more jet pilots and drone pilots.  Not to mention now they are used in search and rescue and are seeking a spot in the farmers/ranches lives by being able to fly over longer ranges of land quicker gathering all kinds of information to be valuable to crop and herd production.

The military use it for seeking out enemies and such so it is a very valuable tool and makes you wonder how it can be used by individuals like me.  Image the photo’s you can take for instance or the video you can share with friends.  It is amazing to think of for me but along with that amazing you also have to wonder is can your friends spy on you with one of these and how many people will use them in inconsiderate ways?   Still my hat is off to the inventor great job I would say.

If you are a proud owner of one I would urge you to handle them responsively and as creativity as you can and teach others to do the same.  Make sure to keep up with the laws for operating them as well.  Now go and have fun with these drones a tool of now and later.



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