Green Works-a mower to own

I recently, within the last five months, bought a Greenworks lawn mover because I live were storing gas is a well out of the question (can only store in my home and this is never a good idea).  I had bought last year a battery operated lawn mover from Blacker and Decker.  It was a weed-eater that sat in a four wheel seat and mowed the lawn beautifully but my lawn is really to big for it and had to charge both batteries again to finish the mow job.  So this year I decided to go with a bigger battery operated lawn mower.

Now I went with Green Works because the battery fits several tools and not just the mower so I went for it encase I had to buy a leaf blower or another power tool.  I have been impressed with it.  It has the availability to slow when grassy area is thin but speed back up when the grass is heavier.  Saving the life of the battery or rather the need to charge it sooner.  If the battery gets hot it will stop and give the battery time to cool down.  It is light weight enough to bring it in the house but heavy enough to plow through heavy grass and it is quiet compared to gas mower.  No burning fumes, and no spark plugs to be replaced.   I would definitely recommend the Greenworks lawn mower as a mower to own.


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