Do I have vegetables yet my garden woes story

I believe I have posted before on my garden woes here in Louisiana.  I am so used to the Pacific Northwest climate that it has been hard for me to come to a good garden here in my  new home.  I have lived here about twenty years so what is the problem right?

Anyway this year I decided I was doing something about this.  I love fresh green beans and garden to table tomatoes and this has been driving me nuts.  So I did some research on the web and found the Farmers Ala mac and  noticed they had a personalized calendar for gardening in your area.  So I printed mine up and then signed up for email planting alerts.

I received my first email alert last week or so and then a what I can plant in the ground now just the other day.


Now this is the list of what I can start in the ground now.  So today early I planted some tomatoes.  This afternoon some cucumbers, squash, beet and green beans.  I am trying some turnips too as aren’t they like beets?  For the tomato I planted a Tree tomato and a Pink ponderosa, and one more heritage tomato.  We will see how it goes.  I also have to battle ants so used some cayenne pepper to place around my planting areas to see if it really does keep them from your plants.

I will keep a post up on how I do from time to time.  In the meantime look up the Farmers Almanac gardening calendar  .


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