I am going bananas?

My sister asked me about whether my banana tree would grow bananas and when they ripened?  I told her we did not have a long enough growing season for them to ripen, but the other day I went out to water the tree and what did I find baby bananas.  Or at least I think they are so now I am excited never haven even thought of growing them and now here they are.

So I went to the internet to see if central Louisiana has a long enough ripening season for bananas and I learned that bananas have many sizes which I did not know.  So I am hoping that I have a chance to ripen these bananas as I am not sure what type of they are.

Anyway, they will ripen in the southern part of the state but not really sure about here.  So I will cross my fingers and guard them and see what happens.  Hopefully I am going bananas and will have one from my own tree to eat soon.


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