Roosters what a surprise.

I ordered this past spring some fifteen baby chicks of the Red and Blue Laced Wyandotte Chickens.  They arrived in April around the end of the month and oh so cute, but we got a special chick too.  One for us to  watch grow up and determine what it was.  Well it took a little while before we saw the long feathers on top of the head and the long and lean body structure compared that is to the Wyandotte.  Well from yellow to tan with long feathers on the head to a deeper tan and shell pattern on some of it’s feather our little chick grew.

It did not take a long time to research and find out that we had a Polish chicken.  Now over the last few days I have discovered that our little chick is not a hen but going to be a Polish Rooster.  So all in total it makes for six roosters.   Wow, they are still as sweet and as quiet though one of them gave about three soft crows so far.  So what am I to do being fond of my baby, or not so baby chicks only to find that I have to let some of them go.  I keep the polish rooster in with the silkies because he is so much more gentle and smaller then the Wyandotte.  Roosters what a surprise.


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