Alice=low income families making barely enough to get by

This morning on Good Day Cenla, a news program for Central Louisiana when a topic came up that caught my ear.  An organization called the Urban Institute is working hard to study and bring to light the effects on the working poor.  They are trying to get many to understand that a large number of the working citizens are unable to afford a lot of the basics because of low hours and lower pay rates.  They are trying to bring awareness to what can be done to help these individuals and families.  I thought it was interesting that they refer to this group of people as Alice.  Anyway, I checked out their web page and here is the link The Urban Org.

In the article they gave some tools to use to determine how changes in earning can effect these families earnings.  Here is one of the tools they mentioned.  Net Income Change Calculator.  Here is another that has to do with immigration  Datatool Urban Org.   I am including in the next paragraph a statement from this website.  Again I think it is great but I have mixed feelings about it but read it and see what you think.




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