Glass Elephant

Yesterday while out filming my small section of Wild Life on the Run I stopped in to buy some deli items for breakfast and in a case next to the register was a hand blown glass elephant that caught my eye.  I just had to have it so I asked the price and decided to wait for awhile to consider though not a bad price for the item I was not out to spend $22.00 on anything that morning.

After getting home and doing a few chores I checked me facebook account and discovered an article about the elephants slowing fading from our world today as we know it.  The decline is actually going faster then what as been predicted in the past.  Elephants are hunted and killed by poachers every fifteen minutes so by the year 2020 we will have a no elephant population unless you count the ivory statues we have on our hearths.   Now I am thinking perhaps I should go buy the glass elephant to hold as a reminder of a unique and intelligent animal man has hunted to extinction for a nick knack that can look great in glass.


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