Milky Way and the Vast Expanse of Stars

Last night on the way home from Church my son and I were talking about a camping trip being planned by his youth group.  He had wanted to go a few days ago but decided that maybe he would set this one out this year as he suddenly remembered how scary the nights were out there in the open.  I was amazed and asked him why he failed to mention it when he return from camp last year and of course he just raised his shoulders.  He then said but the one thing he remembered most was all the stars.

Out in the open away from the city he told me there are so many stars almost seeming to impress on you but every so exciting to someone who loves space I was told.  It got me thinking about how much for fun simple vacations of nights on the sandy beach or in a wooded forest can be.

So I did some research on stars to bring us some information to add to those nights under the stars and what better topic then the Milky Way.  Here is an story from CNN about a dark twin of the Milky Way  called  Dragonfly 44.   It’s warped according to this study found on site and full of several billion stars according to

The fact is that it is one of the most glowing sights out there in the night sky as NASA tells us.  Of course our eyes can clearly see this as we take those family trips out into the open and spend the nights telling tells under the night sky looking at the Milky Way and the vast expanse of stars.


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