Jeffery is a Heavy Rooster

Now for months all my chicks look like they were hens but suddenly just last month tail feathers have gotten longer, as well as on the neck.  Colors have increased and their dominate side is coming out.

Jeffery to me is my prettiest rooster out of the six or is it going to be more roosters I have.  I am in a way disappointed as I got my chicks for hens and then eggs so now I am hoping I have hens.  Ops, I have some that seem to be but then I see a tail feather getting longer and I think were can I go to get mature hens?  My chicks were from a start run which I took to mean that they were not sexed just got what you got but who would think I would have so many roosters?

They are beautiful though my other rooster take more from the blue instead of the red as Jeffery seems to favor.  They are Blue and Red Lace Wyandottes and I got them from McMurray Hatchery check they out if you are interested in growing some of your own chickens.

I am surprised how big and, for a young one he hatch in the April, Jeffery is a heavy rooster.  I brought him inside for a photo.


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