Paint or not to Paint

When I bought my mobile home I thought I would not have to paint for at least ten years.  Well I was not taking in account an active household of puppy children and active young ones so I had to paint the front bedroom several years before the allot time I had set for repainting.

So off to find a paint.  I looked everywhere and the prices floored me so much I thought what is a few marks anyway.  Then I found a recycled paint and I thought why not.  I mean that is what my blog and site is all about finding ways to enjoy life more, save money and well we all need that plus do what we can for our environment.

The paint I bought was put out by a company called Loop we choose a yellow called butter and had it shipped to us.  The paint is cleanable and dries in an hour.  It is EPA friendly but has to be used in low moisture rooms or at least the one I chose has too.  Click the word loop and you will find the web page.  I spent less the seven dollars for this paint.  I had wanted an intense red or low key cool colored red but I settle for saving money any day.


Now the yellow is so soft that with the light shining on it the camera had a hard time getting it but look at the corner, it covered well with one coat but I did do a light second coat once it dried to make sure the wall would be covered evenly.

I ordered my paint through Wal-mart and received free shipping through their buy fifty dollars or more and receive free shipping.   I have been very satisfied ordering items through Wal-mart and it has helped me a lot.


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