Strange Facts about Chickens

I wanted to write something about chickens that would make us appreciate them more and understand some of their interesting history .  Like did you know that chickens were first caught and used for cock fights coming from the red jungle fowl, Gallus gallus.  This happened about seven thousand years ago.  Which makes chickens one of the oldest domesticated animals.  They quickly spread around the world but not for their meat as that came later when modern industrial farming came on the scene.

Chickens brought about a tax during the cold war as other countries complained that our chickens were loading with chemicals and refused to pay the price for chickens being shipped over seas so President Johnson install a 25 % tariff tax on products being brought into the United States from other countries.  This tax is still around today thanks to our chicken friends.

KFC was involved in an chicken conspiracy were a lot of folks thought the chicken was genetically altered and no longer really chickens which proved to be untrue.   Chickens were taken with soldiers to Irag because it was suspected they used chemical weapons on troupes and the soldiers believe chickens would alert them to any sign of chemical weapons if they showed signs of respiratory distress.

The Silky has dark meat do to a genetic fibromelanosis and are considered the most gentlest animal on the planet.  They will hatch eggs from other birds even turkeys and ducks.

Chickens are social animals that can freeze up in fear and can live to be twenty years old but most commonly live to be five to ten years.  The hens lay eggs all their life but reduce the amount every year they live.  Chickens dream and require 14 to 16 hours of light.   They are 75% water and are the closest thing to the T Rex.  Just a small amount of strange facts about chickens there are more fact about them which proves that these simple sweet farm animals have a long and special history.  Chicken Coop Plans Now and listverse com are were I found some of my information found above check them out.


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