Keep Those Photo’s Rolling

One of the best medium and form of expression around the home is photographs.  I know that I for one have open a file on the computer and found a long forgotten but very well done photo.  And it is amazing to see what your eye was centered on at the time you took the photo.

Last Wednesday I happened to drive by a cotton field and was amazed at it’s simple beauty.  The long flat and even field of cotton seemed to mirror the soft clouds floating in the sky above.  Wonderful and I was without a camera.

So this Wednesday I made sure to have my camera in hand and as we drove by this field I got a few shots.  I had thought they were not going to turn out as well we keep driving and the field was just rolling through the screen as I clicked away.  I was surprised at how well they came out.  Take a look.


There were no clouds yesterday but I just had to get a few photo’s.


This one here you can see the movement of the vehicle it was taken off the main Highway as we turned to go back into Alexandria.

dsc00195 This one here is the clearest.  So as I was taking these I could not help but keep the photo’s rolling.


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