New Chicken in The House

Today I went to the feed store for the feed I like to purchase for my hens  or what I have of my hens and I talked with the lady that runs the chickens they sale there.  It looks like I will be able to put up a for sale sign at the Petrus Feed Store for my Roosters and in the meantime I purchased two more chickens in the hopes of getting a couple of more hens.  She gave me a third one free which I thought was nice.  The type I purchased is also a gentle chicken breed and is very friendly.  They lay large brown eggs and tolerant winter well.  Which I am glad as we do get some cold weather here in Louisiana.  The breed is a American breed call Plymouth and are a mix between a Dominique’s and Black Java Chickens in the 19 century New England.


This is what the hen would look like as they reach adulthood and they should get along well with my Wyandottes as they have the same temperaments for the moment they will be in the house as they are only a few days old and large already I must say.




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