Speaking of Chickens

Lately when it come to speaking of chickens I have noticed that CDC is putting out alot of messages about not kissing chickens and not handling chickens as it promotes salmonella and increases the spread of the bacteria to many of those around us.

I appreciate their concern but it raises a concern in me too.  I mean how long will it be before they out law owning chickens?  So I thought I would express my opinion that we should keep our chicken talk to well raising and caring and noticing how cute they are but not mention hugging, keeping them in the house or kissing them.

I keep my baby chicks in the house in a small coop on top of an old piece of vinyl flooring that can be daily clean with hot water and 1/4 teaspoon of beach.  You have to be careful not to over feed as the chicks like to scratch the food to every end of the coop if you do.  I have had them use it for dust baths too which is very cute.    Anyway, I wanted to express that my chicks are cared for as caged birds in a way in the house because I am very concerned about the messages I have seen from CDC  and I would like to keep my chickens so I do not hug or kiss them and they do not free range in my house.  Plus I watch for any signs of diseases and have the toll free number for reporting any diseases.  Just thought I would get that out there.

  • USDA toll-free number: 1-866-536-7593

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