Simple Strawberry Angel Food Cake

This cake is a simple but most have treat.  I make it today for after dinner desert as though the strawberries are moving out of season we are still pleasantly warm here in Louisiana and I just had to have more strawberries while you can get them so what I did was buy two Angel Food Cakes and Cool Whip and fresh strawberries.  I washed the berries and sliced then added about 1/2 sugar and gently mixed the sugar with the berries.  I applied the strawberries to bottom layer top of the bottom cake and then put a 1/2 inch layer of whip cream on the top of berries.  Then I placed a slight layer of berries around the edge of first cake and placed second on top the placed a layer of whip cream around the sides and top.  I placed berries mixed with whip cream about 3/4 cup and then put them in the center of both cakes and on top of the now two layer cake.  I added a large tablespoon of whip cream on the center top and added a whole berry for deco.  This is simple and very good.


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