Don’t Blend In

Not a new thought or one that has not found a place in our society but I wonder if even those who were the Don’t Blend In banner know how we end up blending in.  At the beginning of my blog life I had a blog on Social Conditioning.

At the time I used the term Social Conditioning I had mistakenly thought I was being clever with my own term for a condition I notice through social media and news stations not to mention in large groups of people like work or school to name a few.

Now I do not begin to say that laws of social conduct are bad.  I for one am all for social conduct  but I oppose the shaping of people judgement as in age, mistakes, income, etc.

I have noticed that even with the news channels claiming how diverse they are and showing large groups of diverse people I have yet to really see anyone that is diverse.  I mean would a diverse person hang on every mistake someone else made or are they diverse only because a large social gathering said they were?

I just ask all of us to be more independent minded and work together with one another but not allow the ideas of a few spread through our minds like a poison.  We are stronger when we stand together but weakest with the loss of the individual.


Social conditioning

Social conditioning is the sociological process of training individuals in a society to respond in a manner generally approved by the society in general and peer groups within society. The concept is stronger than that of socialization, which is the process of inheriting norms, customs and ideologies.

Social conditioningWikipedia, the free encyclopedia  
Here is an interesting article about Social Conditioning and how to move beyond this conditioning.  I thought it was interesting when he says in the article that we should questions our ideas and thoughts and feelings all the time and not think we can not be affected by social conditioning.
I bring this up again as watching this campaign I have seen how they are trying so hard to bend our minds to elect the person they think is best and I am amazed at the things I have seen.

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