642 Things to Write About

I had the privilege of going to a new library yesterday.  Call it what you like but I love libraries and often find they adventurist in many a way.  Some even seem haunted by past book lovers so it is a warm womb of joy to enter one for me.  At this library I happen on a free book rank and of course headed that way.

I could not find much but I did find a book to help people learn to write and so I latched on.  It was brand new which was sad but it is a great book  Written by The San Francisco Writers’ Grotto.  It has well what I mentioned above 642 Things to Write About.

I will write you a list of them and will from time to time list some and if anyone would like to write something on these little suggestions you can share them and see what we all think.

  • Write, in ridiculous detail, directions on how to get to your house.
  • Your favorite moment in film
  • The fortune teller in the window
  • The biggest lie anyone told you
  • You have a time machine, but it can only go back in time two days.  What would you change?

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