Crimson Clover-Remember The Song?

Feeding my chickens every day I have come to the conclusion that I need to make my own feed and well not just cut the cost but had it readily at hand.  So I did some study on what to grow to feed your live stock  animals that is both healthy for them but for the (yes) eco system of the year.

I found out that clover is an excellent source of food as it not only contains the vegetable matter that the animals need but is itself a legume.  So I looked through the types and settled for crimson clover as it is a beautiful flower attracting bees as well as butterflies and other pollinating creatures.  I ordered some seeds from ebay and they have arrived and I will begin planting here today before the day is out that is.  One thing I have found out is that it does not like shade, as most clover does not, and is not as movable as well the white clover is so I will have to learn how to grow some for seed.

Here is an link to for some information on clover and clover planting for anyone interested.  Remember clover also makes a good tea!

I will also give you this link by Aggie Clover  for some planting instructions.  I am not sure how much I will be able to grow  but I am excited about trying and hope to get a good group to help feed my little chicks (which are quiet big now I might add) and help out with the food budget…also the finding feed that is available tough when you go to the feed store and they are out.

Now do you remember the song?  Here are the lyrics for you:screenshot_464


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