I Think I Got It?

I have been in a head spin my friends for the last few weeks.  I have been looking for a job and it has kept me so busy what with all the forms and quiz and personality examines and then after an hour for one application I am off and running again.  I enjoy a lot of it though being a progressive person enjoying anything technical but I am amazed at how job hunting has changed in the last few years and really how much harder it has become for the job hunter.

At first I thought boy this makes job hunting a breeze just sit in your living room, the mall coffee shop or the city park and apply away but then I went back to check on applications I thought I would hear from to discover messages like (no longer being considered).  That makes me wonder I mean they keep applications on file for a few months to be reconsidered if you are not hired right away but no application found here just a funny message.  So I applied to find myself blocked.

To make things worse I have  found other jobs that seem to have done a blocking program too.  I have two more places I would not mind working at and when they relisted their jobs here I went to reapply and  amazing I get through the new application only to find once I put my social number on the tax form page of the application and hit the send button I get a white out and no listing on my dashboard for the company an application on file.

So I think I got it the new job hunting market is now more for the companies to screen out unwanted employees without the hazzle of a persist person determine to get a job.  So if you are out there hunting for a job my friends I feel for you.


I am adding a contact form to this message for any comments or tips you may have.  I know that jobs now are using your social media for information on who you are and they are now asking for you to net work with your friends online line so any tips would be appreciate especially all the friendly ones right about now.











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