Florida 91 Tomato

Last growing season I purchased a few tomato plants from my local seed and feed store.  Out of all 5 chosen the Florida 91 Tomato did the best.  Besides tolerating the heat better it seems to resist bug infestations as well.  My other tomato’s had to deal with bugs eating the fruit and leaves.


https://bonnieplants.com/product/florida-91-tomato/   I also recommend Bonnie plants very healthy.

I am trying out some of my seeds this time so I am not doing the plants but I recommend this tomato the plant is very attractive and the tomatoes are a good size.


One thought on “Florida 91 Tomato

  1. suekaren4gmailcom says:

    Reblogged this on Life by a Bayou and commented:

    Going to repot this information on the Florida 91 tomato this tomato is great for growing in the south and I noticed it was not a favorite with the bugs, my other tomatoes suffered with bugs eating their eaves.


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