When The Few Speak For The Many

One of the things I think we need to do more of is speaking out in our communities and neighborhoods (with peace and respect for others hopefully) to build better understanding and stronger relationships with ourselves as well as others.  Now if you are like me you may feel those around you seem to push you aside in your opinions or actions but none the less there is a great satisfaction in being apart of change and decisions made around you.

This morning I came across an article on the happiest states to live in in the US.  Well lately I have seen a lot of poll results where I had not even seen a poll so I scrolled down the article first to see how many people they polled for this survey of happiest places to live and here is the amount of people survey from across the states.screenshot_6

Now this may seem like a lot but in order to get a good idea on valve of a comment a few can not speak for the many. If a neighborhood of 500 that is experiencing crime yet when 10 people from that neighborhood are asked and they say what a great peaceful neighborhood we have is this a true statement because the few have said?

Well in relief my state is on the lists. www.msn.com But I get considered when the few speak for the many.  Anyway,  lets get out and speak out, build up and grow a productive family, community and world around us.





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