Dandelion In Spring

I have been sharing on facebook some articles on leaving your dandelions in the yard at the beginning of spring as it makes good first food of bees.  Well with the heat of last summer and fall most of my dandelions had been burnt but I did have a few come back this year and left them in place.

They are good in salads to so I do not put grass feed and weed on my yard as I am going to be using them in salad soon.  Dandelions are very good source of vitamins for us as well as chickens, rabbits and goats.

Anyway, I went out this afternoon to try some of the chicken fertilizer I had saved from my chickens that I cured in the sun for a couple of months on to my pomegranates and thought I would show you a photo of a sweet bee out enjoying a dandelion in spring.


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