Attempt At Rebirth

Almost lost my Crepe Myrtle during the hard freeze I had cover it but the top length of the tree died.  I had almost dug it up the other day.  Broken hearted I kept it there, this was a tree I had gotten for donating to a save the tree foundation.  I went out to day to take photo’s and there it was making a large attempt at rebirth.


These trees are quiet beautiful here in the south and have very pretty early spring blooms.  The trunks and branches are sometime twisted and usual making for good walking cane production.

You can see the fertilizer I placed around it can not wait for it to grow.  When we planted these last year my daughter kept a daily  diary on there grow and leaf product.  She had so much fun and realized that tough a lot of hard work goes into science it can be fun and rewarding to observe life around you.


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