Ovo Vegetarian Becoming One

My daughter and I were talking the other day about becoming vegetarian.  I love meat but sometimes feel bloated for hours after eating meat and my life lone favorite foods are vegetables.  My daughter feels the same and had ask me if she could become one.  I told her that I felt it was alright if she was sure or that we could just keep and occasional meat dish and try it from there.  She was very nervous to become vegetarian because she felt she would not be able to do it.

I do love eggs tough and have never had a problem with them so I looked it up and there it was being a vegetarian with eggs but no milk or meat.  The milk would be a plus for us to as we are finding we are lacteous intolerant.  So when we went to the store today we bought mostly vegetables and grainy breads, my son will not be joining us so bought him some meat.

Anyway, any ideas or thoughts would be welcome.


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