Growing a Avocado Tree From a Pit

For a class project and for our personal use we are growing a avocado tree from a pit.  It is a fun and fairly simple idea for kids and one you can do just as an extra educational project for your children when they are home.

I am using a book by Hazel Perper and published by Walker and Company to better get ideas for growing. Now she suggest that you was the pit in lukewarm water first and try then carefully place your tooth picks where the seed does not have a seam.  Be sure she tells us not to use cold water as Avocado’s are tropical in origin and prefer luke warm water.  If your water does become cloudy and thick looking throw the pit away wash the jar and start over.  I find the bigger the pit the better and from a ripe avocado is best but not over ripe.

When this Avocado begins to grow I will post more about growing a pit.



Photo by Karen Smith note I have use stick matches which mean you can not insert them as deep as a tooth pick 2017


Footnote:  I took the picture of the pit in a early morning sun lite window for the visional effect only but will be growing it in a dim light room.


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