A Trip To The Park For Cyber Security?

March the 18th my daughter and I will attend a function for children at the city park which will focus on cyber security and health issues.  I tell you this because for home educators and just plain parenting checking out you community calendars will give you lots of things to do to help educate and entertain your children.

I appreciate my communities efforts in public activities it seems to be so full of things to do just this month alone but I am excited about this cyber security at the park because from my lips my children think mom is just crazy and it really helps to have them hear from other sources real threats are out there.  It also helps children to learn in fun ways to put a positive twist on a bad and terrible thing so that fighting internet threats is reachable and stronger.

So if you want to find affordable resources for children’s education and  social outreach check you community calendar.  There are even ways you can join and do things for your community.  So who would have thought a trip to the park for cyber security?



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