Bird’s Eye

I took my little shopping cart and pushed my way up to the nearest grocery store now 2.2 miles away and did my weekly shopping yesterday,  then I came home put it up ate dinner and crashed.

I tell you all this because the sales paper yesterday offered some Bird’s Eye frozen vegetables for $1.98 which I always look for a lower price range on my frozen vegetables but these were like prepared meals in themselves and ready to be used as side dishes or a simple meal.  And they had some with a protein mix vegetables so I had to take a look.

After being surprised on the product options Bird’s Eye offers and going down a fairly long shelf of items I found what I was looking for and was surprised at how good they looked.  I have been enjoying my attempted at being a vegetarian and  feel even healthier with the 3 weeks into my new life style.

We haven’t gone crazy with it but have had only a small amount of meat in this time and no milk.

So I was happy to find this product and will taste a few and let your know what I think.





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