When You Are Homeless

Went to help our churches baptism on the streets ministry today.  And as it always is we had a wonderful time.  We had the pleasure of meeting several wonderful people those we prayed with and uplifted or they uplifted us.  Several were baptized and came up from the water with a regained sense of joy and hope.

We worked along side a homeless coalition group that were their to feed the homeless or any that just needed the extra care and encouragement.  A few of the homeless that were their were able to get cloths, food , soap and love.  They talked openly about their tent city and had a sense of pride in their home but I believe it is the care of those around them that helped to give an opportunity to feel important and not forgotten.

While I was try a homeless Vet rode his bike up from some distance to get food.  He wore his medals and had the sweetest  character.   Then there was Angela she stayed with us for about 2 hours after she was baptized eating and fellowshipping.  She was a young woman that had the look of one who has spent a great deal of time outside, but I could not help but be drawn to her wonderful humor.  She took a picture with our group and when the Pastor talked of how many were baptized she laughed when I lifted her hand and waved it.

We need to much to help those in our own country that are at this moment along and on the streets.  When Angela asked if we had a flash light for her so she would have light at night it was a time to reflect on just how much we not only let them down but ourselves.  If you have an opportunity give to the homeless and find away to support events that help them.  When you are homeless everything means so much.


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