The Beauty Lost in Lack of Knowledge

via Daily Prompt: Murmuration  Looking at my reader this morning I can upon a  word challenge post that claimed my attention.  Write a post of murmuration it said.  Hmmm ok but first what is the definition of murmuration so doing what I always do when the computer is already at hand I typed the word and what did I discover that this word is a word vary used in fact it is on the list of the bottom 3o%.  See .

But if you have every heard the soft sweet sound of several people praying you know murmuration.  If the sound of hundreds of birds have ever claimed your ears you have enjoyed the wonders of murmuration.  For me the murmuration of the neighbors lawnmover will lead me off to sleep.  But the most wonderful and artistic definition of the word is in the movement of groups of butterflies or birds.  Prehaps even in the movement of the hundreds of dragonflies as they feed in the later afternoon.


Beauty is lost in a lack of knowledge murmuration is an art form of lovely movements of hundreds of birds or insects in flight with sounds of joined voices singing to earth below in love and comfort.


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