Keeping It Short

I was outside this afternoon to mow the lawn, we have to keep it below 3 inches so after a rain in the spring you need to get with it.  I have a battery operated lawn mower and I love it very easy to start and use.  The battery last long enough to mow the whole yard as long as I do not let it get to long.

In  the heat of the summer I prefer to let it be a little longer as it does not dry out and turn burn as fast as short grass does.  Say keep it at least 5 inches.  Anyway the lawn mower I own is a Green Works and though I had a problem getting the battery and battery charger at the beginning.  The mower was worth it.  I have to keep it in the house so I needed one that was heavy duty with a steel band but light enough for me to get up my three steps.  This one does the trick.  Nice mower.

While I was outside I took a photo of my raspberry blooms which are in the beginnings of turning to a berry.

DSC00529Their aren’t a lot of blooms so perhaps they are still to young.  I have a photo of my little one getting to mow for the first time that I will add here also.  She was very happy though with the sun in her eyes one would not think so.

DSC00530She is really pushing hard but you don’t need to with this mower.  It is almost self moving. I have to keep the lawn mower simple to keep the lawn short.


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