Free Flower Seeds to Feed The Bees

I got a notice from Cheerios for free seeds to feed the bees.  It seems they have a goal of giving out 1000 packets of seeds to people around the country to help save the bees.  So I signed up for them and now need to find a good spot to develop a better flower garden.  Taking this seriously as I do have a thing for saving the bees.  Here is the link for your own seeds: .  My main concern is that we get so hot here and I hope I can get the seeds in time to have them better able to handle the heat. I am not sure if you will have to share photo’s of your garden but either way it would be a lot of fun.

I had also signed up for some milkweed sees from an organization that wants to give school kids a project to grow plants for endangered butterflies and keep track of the results of their butterfly garden.  They also have a goal of getting a 1000 butterfly gardens out there.  Nice to know how many are working towards bettering our world.

I encourage you to send for your free flower seeds to feed the bees today.


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